Sanborn Hosts NH Supreme Court

This past Thursday, we had a unique opportunity to host a session of the NH Supreme Court. The day was part of an annual trip that the court makes to a local high school for "Court on the Road." Sanborn was lucky enough to play host for this important event thanks to Deb DeBay, fourth grade teacher from Memorial Elementary School in Newton, who asked the court to consider our location last year.

Ten local high schools sent student representatives to watch the two actual court cases. Sanborn had 150 students from Mr. Hurley's AP US History classes, Ms. Karcz's and Mrs. Jules's block 6 Democracy class, and Mr. Hatem's and Mr. Welch's block 2 Democracy class. Sanborn ran a live video feed to the UNH Granite State Distance Learning Network - this allowed high schools form the North Country to participate in the event as well (and this technology was a first for the court!)

It was a busy week. Sanborn students were paid a visit last Tuesday by Attorney General Mike Delaney. Delaney briefed the students on the court cases they would hear on Thursday in court. Early Thursday morning, the state police brought in dogs to search and clear the auditorium for court. The auditorium was then put under heavy security by a dozen or more armed court guards and members of the Kingston Police. Students began arriving for court at 8:30 and passed through security before taking their seats. They heard two court cases on search and seizure. Court adjourned at noon. Several student volunteers from the sophomore class were then treated to lunch with the five Supreme Court justices.

Chief Justice John Broderick, who retired at the end of the court session from a long career on the bench, told Dr. Blake our Superintendent that Sanborn was "by far the most hospitable school he had been to". We know that speaks to our character and culture for high expectations.

We look forward to the next opportunity to play host for a major event such as this!
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