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Retooling Libraries With Makerspaces

Nearly three years ago, in an article for MultiBriefs Education, I talked about the need to transform libraries for the twenty first century. Since that time, the need for change in library structures continues to be great. I wrote, “For school libraries — much like the newspaper industry — staying relevant in the 21st century has been the story of reinvention. Technology has put information at our fingertips like never before.” I went on to discuss how schools could reinvent their libraries using a model known as a Learning Commons, highlighting the research and writing of my own school librarian Pam Harland on the evolution of the learning commons school library model.
Learning commons take their cue from the concept of the village commons, the 19th century green space in the center of town that was used for grazing livestock, staging a festival or meeting neighbors. A learning commons integrates the functions of a library, labs, lounges and seminar areas into a single community gat…

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

I made the mistake of bringing Brady and Cameron, my eleven and nine year old boys, with me last month to the store when it was time to upgrade my phone. Much to the dismay of my wife Erica, in addition to getting a new phone the salesperson also sweet talked me into buying a virtual reality (VR) headset like one of these. If you haven’t yet tried one, they are quite the experience. Within minutes, my boys were sailing through the air on hand gliders and riding roller coasters through mystical caves and magical forests. These headsets generally work with a cell phone, amplifying the visual and audio experience of a game or video, stimulating multiple senses, and making the user feel like they are truly a part of the experience that they are in.

As with any new technology, innovators are looking for ways to make VR an effective classroom tool. Edtech companies like foundry10 are exploring this topic further by asking questions like this:
How might VR be valuable and/or enhance the learn…

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