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Homecoming 2012 Review

This article appeared in the October Sanborn Voice student newspaper:
On Saturday morning, after all of the Homecoming skits and dance routines had been performed, the gym was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Family & friends, students, and teachers were waiting anxiously to hear the results of Homecoming. Everyone was wondering which class would win the coveted trophy. Would the seniors pull out their usual victory? Is the competition fixed? Would another class cause a big upset this year? It had been quite an eventful week leading up to the big announcement. Just like last year, the freshmen showed they had quite a bit of school spirit. Dressed in jungle attire, they came with an army to the parade, the most students of any class. The sophomores also showed a significant amount of pride, staying right with the upperclassmen in most of the pep rally competitions. It was the sophomore bird banner that won the top prize. The juniors had a strong showing in most of the events,…

My Speech to NHS

This is a copy of the speech I gave to the new inductees to the National Honor Society on 10/22/2012:

SRHS Presents at NEASC Conference


Rethinking Class Rank