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The Coding Advantage


Successful Communication Between Home and School

As a high school principal, one of the things I dislike to hear from parents is when they tell me that they don’t know what their child is doing in the classroom. While we have a very sophisticated communication plan for school-wide news and announcements, we fall short as a school in a systematic common approach to how we handle classroom-level communication between teachers and parents. In the new year, it is a personal goal of mine to work with my staff to improve in this area.
As a parent myself, I look forward to getting an email from my son Liam’s first grade teacher every Friday afternoon with an update on what Liam and his classmates have been working on all week. Despite the continued efforts of my wife Erica and I to extract this information from Liam over dinner each night, the email serves as a way to supplement and enhance our connection with Liam, so we can support his learning at home and play an active role in his education all year long. My task is to try to promote th…