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Welcome 8th Grade Students and Families: Our Future Class of 2019!

Last night, our staff welcomed an auditorium filled with 8th grade students and their families, our future Class of 2019. Thank you to the teachers and the students who gave presentations on the Freshman Learning Community, and thank you to Assistant Principal Ann Hadwen for planning and facilitating the entire evening. If you were not able to attend the event, we did record a video of the presentation and we will be uploading it to our website once our Modern Media students can dig out from this storm and get back to school. Meanwhile, I wanted to share some initial thoughts and reflections with you from the evening.

In my brief remarks to the audience, I reminded everyone that being a student at Sanborn Regional High school looks very different today from the traditional high school model that we as parents remember from 1980 or 1990-something.  I was hired five years ago as principal under the premise that our school needed to make some major changes - changes that would allow us…

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