An Open Letter to Parents on The Upcoming Vote

Dear Parents/Guardians of Sanborn Regional High School Students,

Thank you for your continued support of our school, and most importantly, of your child’s education. Each year, we continue to work to improve our practices in the never-ending journey to help all of our students reach their potential. Our school district is becoming nationally recognized for the work we are doing with competencies. Simply put, we have developed clear expectations on what our students need to learn and we have developed methods to assess their learning and then respond with the appropriate instruction. Many other districts from across the country look to our District to see how we are making this work. It has been an exciting and remarkable journey over these past several years.

To help us continue along our journey of becoming a premiere school, today I am asking for your help. Every year the fate of our budget depends on who takes the time to vote. Only a handful of high school parents usually attend the deliberative session and less than 30% of our parents actually vote.

I am asking you to PLEASE participate this year. I am asking you to put just two dates into your schedule. The first date is the deliberative session the evening of Feb. 4th at the high school which can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. At this meeting the proposed budget is explained. Attending this meeting allows you to understand how the budget is allocated and also allows residents to make changes or prevent changes to the budget.

The second date in which we pleadingly ask your participation is to vote on March 10th. This literally takes 10 minutes! Please understand, all I am asking is that you become informed, decide which way you want to vote and then take the time to do so on Mar. 10th.

In NH, our tax dollars are collected all at once through property taxes because we have neither an income nor a sales tax. Most of those tax dollars go to support education. I thank you in advance for your participation on those two dates: February 4th and March 10th. Be informed and take the time to vote. 

Warm Regards,

Brian M. Stack, Principal


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