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Start Earning College Credits Today as a Sanborn Student!

Did you know that as a college graduate you have the potential to make a million dollars more in income over your lifetime than you would if you didn’t earn a college degree? Did you know that students who enter their freshman year of college having already accrued some college credits are much more likely to earn a college degree in four years, thus saving them thousands of dollars in tuition? Did you know that as a student at Sanborn you have three different ways you can start earning college credit? Did you know that we are adding a fourth for the 2011-2012 school year? Next year we are making college credits an option for all students at Sanborn. Below are the ways that you can start earning college credits today for a low cost: Advanced Placement (AP): We offer several AP courses including Calculus, Literature, Language Arts, US History, Government, Chemistry, Spanish, and French. Students must meet the prerequisites to enter the class and must take the AP exam in May. Depending …