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Find your path, give back, and make good choices

Mr. Stack's message to studnets in March of 2011:

You will find as you go through life that certain phrases and quotes will stay with you and inspire you in everything you do. For me, I am inspired by the quote “find your path, give back, and make good choices.” About seven years ago, when I was a math teacher at Andover High School in Massachusetts, a really good friend of mine named Peter Arthur passed away suddenly, leaving behind his wife and two-year-old son. Peter was a very young and popular teacher at AHS for staff and students alike. He was also in extremely good health. He always challenged his students to think beyond the walls of his classroom and look for ways to do good for others. His motto for life was simple, and he shared it with everyone he met: Find your path in life, give back to your community, and above all, make good choices. These words stick with me to this day in everything I do.

Recently, I have been inspired by those of you who have exemplified the words…

Sanborn Students Reach Out

The following blog entry was written by Candice DeAngelis, Spanish teacher and National Honor Society advisor for SRHS:

How did you spend your February vacation?

Over the past February vacation, I (Spanish teacher and NHS advisor, Candice DeAngelis) spent the week with 16 Sanborn National Honor Society (NHS) seniors and 4 parents building townhouses for Habitat for Humanity. Together we drove 13 hours to a very rural Pendleton County in West Virginia where we stayed at a community center in Cherry Grove, West Virginia. Pendleton County is one of the only non-mining counties in West Virginia, making it one of the most impoverished parts of the United States. Located in the heart of Appalachia the students, parents and I learned about construction, the county as well as ourselves.
During our trip we worked with another group from Trent University, located in Canada and together, Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm worked on the inner and outer construction of townhouses. The concept for these build…