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Our Competency-Based System Has Changed the Face of IEP Meetings

Where The Jobs Will Be in 2020

Dear SRHS Class of 2017, Welcome to 2020!

Tonight, for the first time, we will welcome 8th grade students and parents  (our Class of 2017) to come and learn more about our school. Before I pass the baton to Assistant Principal Ann Hadwen who will lead the group in an introduction to our Freshman Learning Community, I want to use this video to frame my opening remarks. My goal is to use it to get the point across that the video represents the future that we are preparing Sanborn kids for today because in 2020, our in-coming ninth graders will be juniors in college and preparing to enter the world of work and address all of the issues and problems this video raises as well as the countless others that we don't even know are problems yet.

In a future blog post I will get into more details about the jobs and career fields that will be most popular in 202 and how they link to current SRHS programs and initiatives.

SRHS Safety Update: January 2013