Thanks for Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought I would dedicate my column this month to listing some of the things that I am thankful for this year. Please note that these are in no particular order.

1. I am thankful that we successfully (successfully within reason, that is) made it through our first round of report cards. As you know, we made some significant changes to the way grading works at Sanborn, and with those changes came a new report card format and a new grading program (Pinnacle). As with any change, we expected some “bumps in the road.” I am thankful that I have teachers, students, parents, and administrators who know this new system is the right thing to do and have been patient as we work through the implementation process.

2. I am thankful that our school community has pledged to put an end to vandalism in our school. I thank each of you who have come forward with information on an act of vandalism.

3. I am thankful for the high level of sportsmanship and teamwork that all of our athletic teams, academic clubs, and extracurricular activities demonstrate on a regular basis. This is one of the best parts of our school’s culture.

4. I am thankful for the continued health of my family. For those of you who know me well, you know my wife and I have been working through several health “scares” with our youngest son Liam. At one of his recent medical appointments in Boston, we learned that he will not need to have an operation by the neurosurgeon. His condition will be managed in other less invasive ways. This was a huge relief for both of us!

5. I am thankful that the Patriots will be playing a Thanksgiving Day game against Detroit. There is nothing like watching the home team while enjoying some good food and the company of friends and family.

6. I am thankful that I don’t have to go out on Black Friday and try to get shopping done. My wife and I have an agreement that on this day, I stay home with the boys and she braves the crowds for the best toy deals in town.

7. I am thankful that we survived 2010 without any major weather disasters in the Kingston-Fremont-Newton area. Twice since the building opened in 2006 we have been designated an overnight Red Cross shelter to provide food and a place to sleep for the community during extended power outages and ice storms. In both of these cases, our community responded by showing how much we care for and are willing to help each other in a time of need, but it is not something that I’d like to do again in the near future!

I’d like to close this article with some advice to each of you: As we look forward to the upcoming holiday season, think about the ways that you could give back to your community. We can each think of things that we can be thankful for, but we always have things we need help with. The real test of our character is our ability to help others. I pledge to find ways to give back and help others, and I hope you will too.


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