Not Another Snow Day!!!

What a wild winter we have had! I heard on the news yesterday that the last time we had this much snow in such a short period of time was 1995- my sophomore year of high school. The month of January was a record-breaker for us as we endured storm after storm after storm and had to shovel several feet of snow from our driveways, our cars, and our roofs. We have accrued four snow days thus far and we still have at least another month of potential winter storms to come. With all of these cancellations I have gotten several questions from students regarding make-up days and the end of the year. I thought it might make sense to address these. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

1. When is the last day of school right now?

By my calculations, it looks like the last day of school is going to be June 21, and maybe later if we have more days off.

2. When is graduation?

The graduation date is set by the School Board in late February or early March. By law, seniors must attend school for 175 days. Underclassmen must attend school for 180 days.

3. Can’t we just extend the school day by fifteen minutes each day to make up the lost time like we did in 2008?

For those of you who were here during the 2008-2009 school year, you will remember that we lost a significant amount of school time due to the Ice Storm of 2008. To make up this time the school district petitioned the State to allow us to extend the school day for second semester by twenty minutes (we came ten minutes earlier and stayed ten minutes later). The State agreed because the Ice Storm put us in a state of emergency. That same logic wouldn’t apply for us again this year based on the winter we have had to date.

4. Is the School Board going to get rid of February or April vacation?

No, the School Board has no plans to cancel either of these vacations. This is just a rumor.

So as you can see, there are not a lot of decisions that can be made right now. Mother Nature hasn’t quite finished with us yet for 2011, and until she does, all we can do is take things one storm at a time. In the meanwhile, keep watching the weather reports, keep that snow shovel nearby, and listen for those 5:15am Dr. Blake alert now calls that might come in between now and Spring.


  1. I thought there were 5(allowed) snow days planned into the Schools calendar year,and any days canceled after the 5 days the students would need to make up??


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