Update to Parents on 9/5/2011

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Dear Parents, Students, and Friends of SRHS:

I hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. At the Stack household, it was a time to visit with family and friends and finish up some lingering projects around the house.

Here are your announcements for the week:

1. If you haven't turned in your child's emergency forms, please take a minute to do so at the link below. These were due last week:

2. I will hold my first Principal's Advisory Council (PAC) meeting this Wednesday from 6-7pm in the library. The topic of discussion will be -- What is new at SRHS? Please come by!

3. This Friday the Senior class will host a semi formal back to school dance in the cafeteria from 7-10pm

4. For those of you who shop at Stop and Shop, please consider registering your Stop and Shop card in the A+ School Rewards Program. Over 2.5 million dollars were given away to schools last year, including a small check to Sanborn to allow us to purchase some additional items that were not in our operating budget. You can learn more about this program at www.stopandshop.com/aplus.

5. Finally, I want to share with you a message I received last week from the Department of Education on a new drug that is making its way into the homes of NH teens. I have attached from handouts on the topic as well.

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Temple, Lori"

Date: August 31, 2011 10:07:03 AM EDT

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Subject: Bath Salt Danger

To: Superintendents and Principals
Another new drug to be made aware of this year, and that is being used by teenagers with no restrictions, is “bath salts.” A powdery substance being legally sold largely on the internet under the name of "bath salts" contains a synthetic drug that health officials say can cause hallucinations, paranoia and violent behavior when smoked, snorted or injected. People under the influence of this drug are prone to have abrupt and bizarre behavior. Users have been reported at times to mutilate themselves, barricade themselves and have psychotic episodes. The number of reports of adverse effects from bath salts are rising nationwide.
Police and health workers are so concerned, that 30 states that have already banned the synthetic stimulant. Unfortunately, when the drug is banned, the creators of this substance alter the contents enough to produce another legal version.
These drugs have nothing to do with bath salts that you might find at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They are named bath salts because of their appearance.
The most common synthetic found in bath salts is Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, also called MDPV. Others are Mephedrone and derivatives of Methcathinone, which also is known as "Khat" and is structurally and pharmaceutically similar to methamphetamine.
With no age restriction, kids of any age could buy them, and they are.
Please read the attached information sheets and share with staff, parents, and students. The New England Poison Control Center is offering a "Bath Salts" webinar which you can find on their home page (www.NNEPC.org) http://www.mmc.org/mmc_body.cfm?id=2046. The Commissioner of Education in Maine wrote a message to the educators in the state of Maine to be aware of this drug and to watch for students that may be at risk of using them (see message below).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions on this topic.

Aprylle Desrosiers
Title IV Consultant/Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program Director
NH Department of Education
101 Pleasant St.
Concord, NH 03301
tel 603-271-0055
email: aprylle.desrosiers@doe.nh.gov


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