A note on how final grades are calculated

December 22, 2011

Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

As we approach the conclusion of the first semester, we will be reviewing students’ proficiency on course-level competencies to award credit. This year, in order for students to successfully earn credit in a course, he or she must demonstrate proficiency on each individual course competency by obtaining a 65% or higher average for that competency as well as earn an overall passing grade for the course of a 65% or higher. It is possible for a student to earn an overall course grade greater than a 65 but still earn less than a passing grade on an individual competency. In this case, a student would not earn credit for the course until the failed competency grade was remediated.

Currently, our teachers are working with students individually to identify any gaps in their learning, any competency averages that are not at a proficient level, and any missing assignments that can be submitted for grading. This is being done in an effort to prevent students from potentially not earning credit for a course and provide them with an academic plan that they can follow for the rest of the semester so they can be successful and receive full credit for their courses.

As a parent, you can view your child’s current course grade and competency averages at any time by logging into Pinnacle and running the Sanborn Regional High School Report Card. You can also click on any of your child’s course grades in the viewer to get a detailed list of assignments and grades for each course.

At the end of the semester, students who have earned a passing course grade, but have not demonstrated proficiency in all of the course competencies, will receive an “I” indicating that their grade is incomplete. A competency recovery plan will be developed by the teacher and the student, and the guidance counselor will be available to help provide support. Once the student successfully completes it, their incomplete grade will be changed to the course grade they earned at the end of the course.

As a parent and a valuable stakeholder in this process, I urge you to stay up to date on your child’s academic progress. If you have any questions about how your child’s grade for a particular course is being calculated, I would urge you to contact the teacher directly. If you need assistance logging into Pinnacle, please contact the guidance office at 642-3600. Additional information on our grading policies are available on our website.


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