Congratulations to the Class of 2012

The following is Mr. Stack's address to the Class of 2012 as well as Sanborn Senior Salutes submitted by family and faculty members:

As your principal, I have the honor of offering you the final lesson of your Sanborn Regional High School career. In just a few short minutes, you will officially leave our campus and enter the real world to begin your life. I have been agonizing for weeks over what I would say to you. Words cannot express the admiration I have for each of you. Tonight, you should all be proud of your accomplishments, both in and out of the classroom. Enjoy the moment today, because you only graduate from high school once. I hope before too much time passes, you will each take a moment to reflect on your time at Sanborn. What life lessons did you learn? Who influenced you the most? If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently? Life passes quickly, and we have to use milestones such as this to help us make sense of our world and give us focus and direction for our future. As senior Dylan Spence told me, “The doors at Sanborn are the ways into the world. I learned the staff of Sanborn isn’t here to push you down, they are here to teach you new things and life lessons to hold onto throughout your life.”

Let’s fast-forward life for a minute. Let’s pretend it is 2017, and you are five years removed from Sanborn Regional High School. Think to yourself for a moment: Where will you be? What will define YOU as a person? What will you be most proud of? I hope you will dream big. Don’t ever let someone tell you your goal is too lofty, or that your plan is impossible. You are the keeper of your own destiny. Don’t set the bar too low for yourself.
To help you start this process, tonight I am going to share three stories with you. These stories come directly from three individuals who, five years ago, were sitting in the same seats that you sit in tonight, in this very gymnasium. They walked the halls of this high school. They too had Ms. Miles for English and Mr. Arsenault for math. They too had to put up with Mr. Stack wondering why they were not in their block 1 class. They ate chicken wraps at lunch at the same cafeteria tables as you did. While they were here, just like you, they put all their efforts into Winter Carnival and Homecoming. Like you, they embodied “Sanborn Pride” in everything they did for the school. They are just three members of the Class of 2007 who went on to follow their dreams when they left the graduation stage in June of their senior year.

Anson Loyd:

After graduation, Anson started working on his degree in culinary arts, which he finished in 2010. While in school, he interned in three different New Hampshire culinary settings: The Mount Washington Resort, Popover’s Bakery, and The Vine Market. In 2011, Anson moved to Bedford to open one of New Hampshire’s premiere new eateries: The Copper Door. There, he was the assistant pastry chef in charge of bread production and plating desserts. Last month Anson was recruited to help open the Meat House in Stratham, where he currently works as a chef.

To the Class of 2012, Anson offers the following advice: “Take your fears and shatter them like Glass! Be honest and pace yourself with your goals. You don't have to change the world, just do not make it any more difficult. Pleasing people, even ones you don't like, will pay off with time, and leave you smelling like fresh flowers.”

Heath Sargeant:

Heath is currently working on an electrical engineering program at Brigham Young University. From 2008-2010, he served a humanitarian mission for his church in Arizona, along the border with Mexico. He is planning a big wedding to the love of his life Emma, on June 22. In his own words, he told me this: I have worked in a lot of prestigious positions and a lot of humbling positions over the last 5 years figuring what I want to do with my life and how I plan on serving in my community.”

Heath offered the Class of 2012 the following advice: As I reflect on what I felt right at the end of high school and fast forward to now I would say the most valuable advice is twofold. First a practical standpoint:  I had great teachers at SRHS who helped me to learn to develop my reasoning and writing. Further education is extremely important! Never stop learning! Also, make sure you can write clearly and professionally! My second is more of a personal piece of advice: Always seek to uplift others. You will only feel better about yourself and those you help. That doesn't mean you have to do anything crazy but be aware and help those you can.”

Erica Magnusson:

Erica attended Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, a small – private liberal arts school known for its science programs and global advocacy. During her time at Eckerd, she began her own humanitarianism and global advocacy work, which took her to places in South America like Costa Rica, Panama, and across the Atlantic Ocean to Uganda and Somalia, Africa. She described her experiences in Africa to me as follows: “My sophomore year I traveled to Africa on my January term and my life would never be the same. It would be the first time where I felt like my life had meaning, where every second of every day was pivotal and necessary.” She now works for the Teach for America program, and is an advanced biology teacher at City Arts and Technology High School in San Francisco, California.

Erica offered the following advice to the class of 2012:

·        “Be grateful every day for your education and your family. There exists immense educational inequities in the United States and across the world. Where I teach, we don't have books, or microscopes, or any lab equipment. I had to buy my students their notebooks for class. Yet, they know how important an education is. For seniors continuing on to college, please take advantage of it and be grateful. Be grateful that you received an education that has prepared you to be successful in life, and please use that opportunity to assist others, both locally and globally.

·        If you get an opportunity to travel, take it. The world is filled with amazing things. You are at an age where you can appreciate the beauty of a diverse world. When you travel, get to know the culture and the people of that place.

·        Do not give up. Life is filled with challenges and obstacles. The beauty of life is being able to overcome these things when they are presented. After you leave the doors of SRHS, you will face challenges but defeat them with a smile. It will make you stronger. Be able to defend your beliefs while also being open to learn new ideas

So I ask you again, where will YOU be in five years? What life lessons do you hope to have learned? How will YOU give back to your community and make a difference? Your diploma from Sanborn Regional High School is your ticket to a lifetime of opportunity. Make the most of your journey. Live, laugh, and never stop learning. I wish you all the best life has to offer, and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures and accomplishments in the years to come.


Salutes From Class Day

A Senior salute to the following students from Mrs. DeAngelis: Abby Donigian, Abby Sprackland, Adam Nicol, Alex Adams, Amanda Bailey, Becky Pettis, Cayla Walukevich, Celina Micale, Dane Sargeant, Jen Baily, Jen McGeoch, Kim DiManna, Katherine Ulcickas, Katie Savard, Lexi Basiliere, Leah Grotenhuis, Megan McLaughlin, Lindsey Fotino, Stephen Arata, Sara Homan, Victoria Ficker, Liv Campbell, Stacia Marston, Ian Norton, Bridget Forcino, Liz MacNeil, Jillian Richard, and Ashley Trautmann: Thank you for making me proud each and every day, you were an amazing group and I am honored to have been your advisor.  Best of luck in all that you do, I will miss you!

Mrs. Rooney would like to offer senior salutes to the following students: Kristina Lundquist, Celina Micale, and Julia Pramberg: Congratulations!!!   I am proud of each of you and know you will find much success in your college careers.  I wish you the best and thank you for all you have done for me.  I will miss you.  ALOHA!!!. To Jess Evans: Congratulations!!!  Thank you for being such a fantastic office aid.  I wish you the best and know you will succeed in all that you do.  To Jennifer McGeoch: Congratulations!!!  You are the best!!!!

Mr. Wolbert couldn’t be here this evening because he is serving overseas with the Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa at Camp Lemmonier, Djibouti, but he wrote to me to ask that I read the following message to the class of 2012:

Greetings from Djibouti!
I want to take this opportunity in the presence of your family and friends to tell you how very proud I am of all of you today.  Believe me when I tell you, the only place I want to be right now, is sitting slightly to your right among the best faculty and staff in the state of New Hampshire, watching you stroll across that stage!  Embrace today, it is your celebration!  As you embark on your new adventure, as much as I hope you remember the history that we've learned together;  I believe it is more important that you live your life trying the best that you can to do the following:  Be kind to one another, Be Good, and as always Make Smart Educated Decisions. I miss everyone more than I can express in words.  Congratulations, I'll see you when our paths cross again

I have a Sanborn salute from Mrs. Boisvert. First to the following students:  Alex Adams, Evan Baitz, Joe Carta, Kim DiManna, Lindsey Fotino, Leah Grotenhuis, Sara Homan, Tyler Lanouette, Emily Martin, Paul McIntire, Cassie Nickerson, Julia Pramberg, Simon Rankin and Kendra Winsper:  The Boisvert Bunch.  You are right, we are a family.  I will miss your spirit, your stories and the light you brought to advisory every week.  Most certainly there is no advisory I will ever have that will compare to you all.  Always remember our motto:  What happens in advisory, stays in advisory. Thank you for your generous gifts and the gift of being great kids.  Good luck and I will miss you.

A senior salute from Mrs. Boisvert and Mr. Kelly to Abby Sprackland, Bridget Forcino, Rebecca Pettis, Stacia Marston, Meghan McLaughlin, Katherine Ulcickas and Ruby Chaffee: Thank you for being the heartbeat for the senior class and for stepping up and leading by example.  It has been a pleasure having you all work as a team and as members of the senior class council. Look around you.  This is what you have worked so hard to accomplish.  Congratulations and good luck. 

A senior salute from Ms. Ladd: A huge thank you to the wonderful girls who worked on the art garden ALL day during the Senior Day of Caring.  Thank you - Ellen Rislove, Ashley Froton, Kelly Weyland, and Erica Vigil- and also thank you to the others who helped out at various times - it looks the best it ever has!  To Ben McClary, for being the best Pen and Ink drawer I have ever seen in my eleven years of teaching.  I am in awe of your talent. 

Ms. Krumm would like to offer the following senior salutes:

·         Zach Gottlich, Ryan Spencer, Courtney Griffin, Derek Lazdowski, and Dylan Thibodeau.  While there may have been times over this past semester that we may not have not seen eye to eye on all issue, I am still incredibly proud of you.  Good luck in all that you do in the future.  Krumm

·         Erica Vigil.  You came back to track this year not knowing where your nitch might be, running was out, so instead you picked up a javelin for the first time and tried something new.  You ended up breaking a 30 year old school record in one of the first meets of the season.  Proud does not even begin to describe what we feel.  Good luck at Northern Essec and Throw Big!  Krumm and Jake

·         Courtney Griffin.  You are embarking on a great journey…tonight when you fly out to Hawaii!  I have enjoyed all (OK most) of our conversations.  You have challenged me in class as a teacher, you made me think about things differently; have to explain things differently and basically up my game.  I will miss you, but I know you are going where you need to be to become a forensic scientist.  I know you took CAD as an elective, but there was still joy in what you accomplished in my class.  Good luck and keep in touch!  Ms. Krumm

·         Steven Arata.  Ahh a fellow engineer!  You have impressed me over the last 7 years that I have known you.  You intrigued me as a 6th grader at the Middle school, I was curious to see what you would “grow up” to be.  I have to say I am impressed.  You have always been one of the silent kids in the room, but when you do speak up to ask a question it has been with great thought and detail.  You represented Sanborn High school for the first time at the State Drafting Competition and did well.  I am happy to see that you will be following an engineering path, even if it is not architecture! 

Dr. Young offers the following senior salutes:

·         David Bertolami = Thanks for the interesting physics and music conversations

·         Joe Langlois and Kyle Nelson = Thanks for the interesting ways that you looked at science problems

·         Ashley Anderson, Kristina Lundquist, Celina Micale, Stephen Arata, Lexie Basiliere, Liz MacNeil, Julia Pramberg, Paul Samuelson, and Katie Savard = Thanks for earning A's in physics and not having to take the final exam!

·         Emily Kimball = Thanks for working so hard in physics class

·         Steven Arata = Keep thinking deep thoughts (with your squeaky voice :-)

·         Lexie Basiliere and Jen McGeoch = Thanks for the birthday cake! And for being awesome.

·         Joey Carta = Thanks for guessing those obscure 80s musical artists on Pandora

·         Emily Martin = Thanks for helping me out in 9th grade math class

Mr. Kelly offers the following senior salutes:

To:  Meg McLaughlin, Hannah Buzzell, Dani Cushing;  Bianca D’Amelio;  Melissa Dole;  Jess Downing;  Courtney Griffin;  Melissa Hamel;  Sara Homan;  Sabrina Johnson;  Sidney Laskiewicz;  Allie Leveille;  Morgan McBride;  Kerry Page;  Sam Panageas;  and Celine Savat: What do you have in common?  The courage to take a shop class, in a traditionally male environment.  Each of you has helped to break that stereotype.  Many of you enjoyed your class so much that you took another.  We have enjoyed working with you and I salute your independence and courage.

To:  Kristina Lundquist;  Celina Micale;  Sam Allen;  Amanda Bailey;  Jen Bailey;  Emily Brennan;  Michelle  Bridgham;  Liv Campbell;  Melissa Dole;  Jess Evans; Melissa Gelina;  Kristen Gordon;  Courtney Griffin;  Sara Homan; Emily Kimball;  Emily Martin;  Sarah Nofsker;  Sam Panageas;  Becca Perkins: All of you have had lunch with Mr. Schoenenberger and myself at some point over the past 4 years.  We called you our lunch bunch.  I have enjoyed getting to know you, letting you vent, giving advice about boys – which you didn’t listen too- advice about college- which you did often listen to and just letting you hang out.  Only a few of you ever took a shop class, but you were all comfortable in our area.  My office will be empty without you.  I will miss all of you.  Go and do well.

To:  Bobby Allore;  Tim Amero;  Kevin Andrukaitis;  Troy Bolduc;  Jason Folding;  Justin Freve;  Jameson Huntress;  Steve Jongsma;  Keith Kelley;  James Langan;  Devin Lister;  Jake Lospennato;   Mike Melvin;  Steve Soterakopoulos; Tim and Tom Spencer;  Ryan Spencer;  Dylan Thibodeau;  Alton Veroneau;  Sam Whipple: I appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and discipline you have shown in your shop classes.  I have been impressed by the projects you have made, the ideas you came up with and the talent you have shown.  I have stressed that we teach critical thinking, problem solving and responsibility and each of you have demonstrated these abilities.  We will miss you.

To:  Stacia Marston;  Becky Pettis;  Lexi Basieliere;  Sam Conkel;  Cam Cummings;  Pat DeAngelis;  Eddie Dennis;  Abbey Donigan;  Marie Dreik;  Victoria Ficker;  Lindsey Fotino;  Nicole Frati;  Leah Grotenhuis;  Joey Langlois;  Chris Matthews;  Cassie Nickerson;  Adam Nicol;  Nick Palladino;  Mark Patterson;  Jess Plante;  Julia Pramberg;  Simon Rankin;  Nick Reval;  Pat Rose;  Tyler Sampsonsis;  Dane  Sargeant;  Ashley Trautmann;  Cayla Walukevich;  and Sam Whipple.  Sanborn High School is a competitive environment.  This year, as always, there are many outstanding students whose contributions have made Sanborn such a special place, yet who don’t get recognized enough.  These students have excelled academically, athletically, or in music, art or co curriculars.  They are leaders in our class.  And often, they do not get acknowledged.  We are acknowledging them now.  The students standing are our unsung heroes; they make this class and this High School exceptional.  I salute you!

Salutes from Graduation

To continue a Sanborn tradition I offer my first Sanborn Salute of the evening to the following students: Would the following students please come to the stage to be recognized. When you leave us today, you have made an important and selfless decision to serve our country, and on behalf of our Sanborn community I want to THANK YOU:

Robert Allore – United States Air Force

Zachary Gottlich – United States Marine Corps

Steve Jongsma – United States Air Force

Casey Nolan – United States Air National Guard

Tyler Pfister – United States Marine Corps

Patrick Royer – United States Air Force

Alton Veroneau – United States Army National Guard 

Mr. Arsenault would like to salute Josh Monty and Rachel Teague - Thank you for doing your best each and every day! To his AP Calculus class - All of you in your own unique way certainly made it a humdinger of a class!

A Senior Salute from Mrs. DeAngelis to the following students: Dylan Spence, Cody Valiant, Emily Kimball, Steven Soterakopoulos, Mikie Surles, Raquel Emond, Cory Jillson, Ben McLeary, Jessie Tapley, Elizabeth Raleigh and Ashley Trautmann, thank you for all of the laughs and games of Catch Phrase, one of these days headress will show up on the screen.

A Senior Salute from Mrs. Magnusson to the following students for building and setting up the benches for the outdoor stage. Bobby Allore, Troy Bolduc, Myles Emery, Steve Jongsma, Devin Lister, Casey Nolan, Nick Palladino, Neil Petit

To Parents --- please stand. To the faculty and staff, please stand. On behalf of the Class of 2012, a Sanborn salute to you for all you have done to help your child reach this milestone tonight.

A Sanborn salute to Abby Dolan, Katherine Ulcickas, and Stephen Arata for doing our morning and afternoon announcements this year.

A Sanborn Salute to Karielle Anzaldi.  "From Sherman, Maine, to Tampa Florida, our family is so proud of you!   We have watched you turn in to the most beautiful, tattoo-ed, motorcycle-riding young woman! You have proven that you can do anything once you put your mind to it.  And we all want front row seats to your first Broadway show!  We love you! Mom, Les, Ryan and all the Hamzaldi's."

A Sanborn Salute to Maddison Walker, Sam Panageas and Laura Austin.  "Maddie, Sammie and Laura, I love you like you are my own.  I have so enjoyed watching you grow and sharing your lives with you.  Please know that you will always have a place in my heart and in my home. With love, Kari's mom."

A senior salute to both Sara Homan and Lexie Basiliere for doing exemplary work in three English classes in a row for Ms. Miles.  And to Amanda Bailey, Jen Bailey, Lexie Basiliere, Olivia Campbell, Sara Homan, and Jen McGeoch for acing the English AP classes.

Lexi Basiliere, please stay standing. Coach Maxwell would like to give a Sanborn Salute to you.  For the past four years, you've been the glue that held the cross country and track teams together.  Your leadership, dedication, sportsmanship, and undying positive attitude have set the standard for Sanborn Athletics.  The University of New England doesn't know how lucky they are to have you!

A senior salute from Ms. Miles to her advisory:  Crystal Cheney, Sam Conkel, Sean Connor, Summer Cooke, Tori Costello, Bianca D'Amelio, erica Darling, Pat DeAngelis, Eddie Dennis, Alyssa Hult and Cam Cummings.  It's been awesome watching you turn into young adults.

A Sanborn salute from Mrs. Cotter to NovaNet & VLACS students:  For setting positive examples for others by working diligently in class to finish your online courses:  Michelle Bridgham, Erica Darling, Jessica Evans, Nick Kofos, Ben McClary, Joe Morrill, JJ O'Neil, Mark Patterson, Elizabeth Raleigh, Simon Rankin, Celine Savat, Dylan Spence, Cory Jillson, and Craig Woodmansee

A senior salute from Mr. Cass to Derek Lazdowski -- The only student who has has ever sung me his homework or answered a question through interpretive dance.  Keep on dancin' Derek

A Sanborn Salute to Patrick DeAngelis, Adam Nicol, and Stephen Arata, please stand. I received a handwritten thank you note in my mailbox yesterday that I want to read to you all. Dear Mr. Stack, On June 6, 2012, three wonderful boys came over to my house and did marvelous things on the Day of Caring! They raked out the dead and wet leaves from the front of the house, moved them on plastic to the edge of the property; then they helped install a valance inside the house. Since I had just fallen, I couldn’t do it alone. What great boys! Surely a credit to Sanborn Regional High School and such diligent workers that I am sure they will do well in life.

A Sanborn Salute from Mr. Moore to the following students: to Ruby Chaffee~ I watched you blossom from a freshman seed into an amazing and creative Sanborn graduate....Here is to a beautiful new journey!!!!! To Sarah Castille~ You have a creative brilliancy deep inside of you.......never let that go or lose hold of's yours for the keeping!!!! To Jameson Huntress~ You made every morning an absolute pleasure!!!! You bring a smile to everyone and can truly light up a room.

Mr. Kelly would like to salute the following students: David Bertolami; Ashley Bobola;  Troy Bolduc;  James Bolton;  Alexis Bourbeau;  Emily Brennan;  Michelle Bridgham;  Hannah Buzzell; Liv Campbell;  Dani Cushing, Abby Dolan;  Jordan Hauser;  Austin Langan;  Sidney Laskiewicz, members of my advisory. For 4 years I have pushed you about your grades; encouraged you to make good choices; helped you through the college process; financed many advisory parties, forced you to help me with class activities and worked through the drama of High School with you.

And you have rewarded me by being class officers, honor roll members, prom queens, sports captains, band members, art students, award winning SST students and most importantly, by being accepted into college.  Each of you now standing has been accepted to college and all are planning on attending. Teaching pays me little, but you have made me rich.  Go and do well.

A senior salute from Ms. Price: Please stand if you participate in a year long sport such as: Dance, Gymnastics, Ski / Snow Board racing, Skateboarding, Swim Team, Horseback riding, Ice Skating, Ice Hockey or Martial Arts. All of you are Sanborn Athletes and should feel proud of your accomplishments and the commitment you have shown toward your sport.  I will miss hearing all about your competitions and meets. Be sure to thank your parents for getting you to and from your activity and funding it as well.

A Sanborn salute to Heather Gallison. Congratulations to you on a job well done. I am so proud of you. Love mom&Dad.

A Sanborn salute from Ms. Jules to Simon Rankin, Mike Surles, Kerry Page, Nick Reval, Amanda Bailey and Emily Martin....I'm proud of who you were, who you are and will be!  Best of Luck! oh ya and Simon Rankin - tomorrow is June 9thh you will be accepted!

A Sanborn Salute from Ms. Krumm, Mr. Maxwell, Ms. Waite, and Jake Saunders: Kelsey Lennon, Erica Vigil, Evan Baitez, Cayla Walukevich, Lexie Basiliere, Crystal Cheney, Joey Langlois and Pat Rose.  As our senior track athletes you lead our team in a great direction.  Our season could not have been as great as it was without you.  Remember Sanborn Pride is forever and we look forward to seeing what great things you do in the future.  We also look forward to seeing you next year when you come back to help us run our home track meets.

I have some Sanborn salutes from Mrs. Boisvert. Amanda Bailey, Lexie Basilliere, Ashley Bobola, Alexis Bourbeau, Olivia Campbell, Sam Conkel, Eddie Dennis, Bridget Forcino, Jordan Hauser, Sidney  Laskiweicz, Jen McGeouch, Celina Micale, Courtney Griffin, Tyler Marchand, Julia Pramberg, Dane Sargeant, Sam Whipple, Kendra Winsper and Craig Woodmansee.  Do you know why you are all standing together?  You were members of my advanced literature class in the seventh grade at Sanborn Regional Middle School.  Now look at you - high school graduates and the reason I wanted to be your class advisor. I am so proud of you!  Congratulations. - Mrs. Boisvert

Please stand and be recognized...Mr. Czyzowski's 3rd block Senior Crit made it...enough said!"

Madame Hambucken would like to say hats off to the following graduates:

Derek Lazdowski, Steven LeBlanc, Kelsey Lennon, Gia Leone, Naomi Lesch, Allie Leveille, Devin Lister, Jake Lospennato, Kristina Lundquist, Morgan MacBride, Liz MacNeil, Tyler Marchand, and Stacia Marston: It has been a pleasure to have you for the past four years in advisory.  Thanks for being so kind to me and so good to each other.  It's going to be a big bucket to fill next year!


  1. Good Morning! I was checking Facebook this AM and I saw the post. I have to admit, I rarely go to the Principal's blog on my own, so this was a great reminder to read it. Wow....what a nice way to start the week!

    I felt like I was actually at graduation this year. I was very impressed not only by the schools our kids will be attending, but by the types of comments made by you, the other teachers and former grads. It brought tears to my eyes to see the Sanborn "family" mentioned. It was and obviously is, still a family and I am so happy to see that.

    Congratulations to everyone!


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