Winter Carnival: An Annual Sanborn Tradition

At the end of this month, our school will engage in one of the best student activities of the year: Winter Carnival. There are so many questions to be answered. Which class will win the tug of war? Who will win the great food relay? Which class will have the best costumes? Of course, the most important question is: Which class will have bragging rights for the rest of this year and win the whole thing?

When I first started at Sanborn seven years ago, I remember being in awe at how high our level of student participation was during this entire week. Just about every student in the school participated in Winter Carnival, at least in some way. Fast forward seven years later and the same hold true today. Sanborn’s Winter Carnival brings our school together in a way that is unmatched at any other point in the year. Nothing can replace the school spirit that we all feel on Friday of Winter Carnival when each class takes its seat in the gym and all you can see are seas of orange, pink, purple, and yellow (the four class colors of the day).

We get so wrapped up in our own Winter Carnival festivities that sometimes we forget that it has a long tradition at Sanborn. Thousands of alumni before you have dawned their orange, pink, purple, and yellow all in the name of Sanborn Pride. If we turn the clock back twenty-five years ago to 1988, for example, the yearbook portrayed a senior class that was very passionate about Winter Carnival. As juniors, their “purple” theme was “Grapes of Wrath” as can be seen by the pictures below:

If we turn the clock back twenty-five years earlier, in 1963, we may not be able to find an established Winter Carnival by name, but certainly the school had student rallies that were designed to increase school spirit and Sanborn Pride:

It is apparent as you look through old yearbooks that each year, Winter Carnival became a bigger and bigger event. Twenty five years from now, what will future Sanborn students think of Winter Carnival 2013? That question will be answered soon. So when it comes time to dress up in costume or eat a whole bunch of jalapeno peppers for your class, I hope you will give it your all in the name of Sanborn Pride!


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