Sanborn Starts Exciting Career Pathway Learning Community Model


Imagine what your high school experience would have been like if you were connected to other students and adults who shared the exact same career interests as you. Imagine having time during your school day to explore these interests in more detail and, in some cases, receive credit for your work. Starting in the fall of 2014 at Sanborn, every junior and senior will be associated with one of four career pathway learning communities. Each will be designed around a broad set of related career clusters. All students will be exposed to a variety of enrichment activities related to their pathway with guidance from a faculty advisor. Students wanting an advanced      experience will have the opportunity to earn a distinction on their diploma by completing a more rigorous course of study, an internship, and/or a personalized senior capstone project in their career pathway field. The   result will be more students who have the knowledge, skills, and readiness for the college and careers of our ever-changing world.       

The Four Career Pathways at Sanborn

Arts, Communication, and the Humanities

Careers in this path are related to communication, the humanities, and/or performing, visual, literary, and media arts. These include careers in the arts, audio/visual technology, and architecture.

Business and Manufacturing

Careers in this path are related to the business environment, manufacturing, and technology. These include careers in business management and administration, construction, finance, information technology, manufacturing, marketing, sales, service, transportation,             distribution, and logistics.

Human Services

Careers in this path are related to working with children and adults. These include careers in education and training, government and public administration, hospitality and tourism, law, other human services, public safety, corrections, and security.

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)

Careers in this path are related to technologies necessary to research, design, develop, and maintain physical systems (both mechanical and natural). These include careers in agriculture, food and natural resources, health sciences, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Students: Here is How You can Get Involved

Have you always known what you want to do? Have you ever wanted to see what people in your career interest do every day? There are many businesses in this area ready to have you intern.  Not only will you learn about your future career options, but you will get a chance to participate in the work that interests you. Why push your career interests off to the future? You have the option to participate first-hand in your career  interests now.

Confused about your post high school plans? Explore potential careers interests by job-shadowing a professional working in a your field of interest. The job of your choice is waiting for you—go explore!  Not only will you gain great experience through job-shadowing but you will be better able to make decisions about your future choices, which could end up saving you from exploring your options while simultaneously paying for school.

Business Owners: We Need You!

By partnering with our school, here are ways you and your business benefit:

  • You will help our school define college and career readiness as we prepare future students to enter your career field
  • You will build positive connections with our youth and their families
  • Your business will get exposure in our school community and beyond
  • It is a great way for you and your business to contribute to our local community 

Here are some ways you can connect with our school:

  • Facilitate a student workshop on a topic in your career field
  • Sponsor a student for a job-shadow or internship experience
  • Serve as a mentor to a student in the pathway program
  • Sponsor an enrichment activity for a group of students
  • Help school personnel determine other creative ways to expand upon business participation 

For More Information, Contact:

Brian M. Stack, Principal
Heidi Leavitt, Guidance Counselor
Evan Czyzowski, English Teacher
Meghan Petruzzi, Science Teacher


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