To The Students of Sanborn:

To The Students of Sanborn Regional High School,

As your Principal, I am so proud of each of you for the way you conducted yourselves in the wake of yesterday’s fire. It wasn’t easy to be forced out into the cold, put on school buses, and brought to another location. Throughout the entire ordeal, you cooperated with your teachers and administrators. You stayed calm. You handled yourself in a mature and respectful manner.

It would have been easy for me to get discouraged yesterday in all the “chaos.” It would have been easy for me to wonder if yesterday’s events would force the public to look at our school community and think that students were out of control. They don’t think that way, and you are anything but that. You are a group of mature, responsible young adults who care deeply about Sanborn and you take deep pride in your school.

One of my hundreds of emails yesterday was a note from Nancy Poirier, the Sales Manager at the Granite Rose, the site of our recent semi-formal event. She writes:

I was asked to write you an email to let you know what a wonderful group of students attended the Semi-Formal last Saturday night.  They were all polite, well behaved young men and women and it was a pleasure hosting their dance.  We have worked with many prom groups over the years, and the coordinator said this group was one of the best!

Please feel free to pass this along to the students.  Many times they only hear about the bad behavior!  Sanborn Regional High School is welcome at The Granite Rose any time, and we would love to host your semi-formal again next year!

It is your behavior on days like yesterday and notes like this email from Mrs. Poirier to remind me how proud I am to work on behalf of such a great group of students. Thank you for showing class and dignity, and of course for exhibiting the values of Sanborn P.R.I.D.E. in all you do!


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