Mr. Stack's Graduation 2014 Message

I would like to welcome you, the family and friends of our graduates, the faculty and staff of our school, the community members, alumni, School Board members, and the Seminary Trustees, to the campus at Sanborn Regional High School and our graduation ceremony-the 125th for Sanborn.  My name is Brian Stack, and I am the Principal of Sanborn Regional High School.

The students who sit before all of us tonight are the products of our community’s commitment to provide each of them with a world class education. Together, as a community, we have put Sanborn on the national map for what a twenty-first century education should look like. Educators from all over the country and the world study us and come to visit us just to talk to our teachers and students about their experiences at Sanborn, just like the team we hosted last month from the Chicago Public Schools. Governor Maggie Hassan spent a day sitting in our classes, learning from our students and our staff. Our school has been invited to participate in national discussions on education in places recently like Washington DC, California, and Kentucky. Four years ago we set out to build a premiere high school because that is what our children deserve. I am happy to report that we are well on our way to achieving our vision.

Tonight we celebrate the academic achievements of the Class of 2014.  These students have made me proud in so many ways. They are scholars. They are musicians, thespians, and athletes. They selflessly give back to our community through service projects. They have won awards and they have broken records. They are our future, and I couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments.

Graduates, please stand if you are a student athlete. Sanborn has one of the highest percentages of athletic participation in the State!

Graduates, please stand if you participated in student council, an honor society, a club, or a music or drama group. Our extra-curricular activities are always a high point for many in our community.

Graduates, please stand if you successfully completed college level classes while in high school: AP, Running Start, or our NECC Program.

Graduates, please stand if you successfully completed a two-year certificate program at the Seacoast School of Technology. Please stay standing, and would any graduates who completed an internship through our school this year please also stand. You are all well on your way to your career field of choice!

Graduates, please stand if you are a NH Scholar. Sanborn has one of the highest percentages of NH Scholars in the State!

To the Graduates of the Class of 2014:

I am so proud of each of you. For the past thirteen years, you have poured your hearts and your souls into your academics because you know that the key to a successful life starts with a high school diploma. Tonight you will officially close an important chapter in your lives. Tonight is a time to reflect on your years of school and look forward to what lies ahead.

My advice to you is to remember that life will be what you make of it. Dream big and don’t sell yourselves too short. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If you have enough grit and determination, anything is possible. Let’s start the dreams today.

Arianna Oranczak might be a criminal psychologist one day.

Brendan Mahoney and Billy Toohey might become award-winning authors.

Your children might have Caitlin Pagnottaro as their elementary school teacher.

You might see Colby Butler or Sean Foster driving through your neighborhood in their police cruisers.

Ethan Larkham might develop a new type of artificial intelligence that will revolutionize the world.

Alexis Winsper, Kerri Fitzgerald, and Courtney Schrempf might be the medical professionals caring for your sick pets.

Hannah Nofsker might be there for you to help you through a sports injury.

Kelsey Lynch might be providing occupational therapy services to one of your family members.

Laura Samoisette might be designing one of Boston’s trendy new environmentally-friendly green spaces.

Nathan Miller, Collin Dagostino, and Josh Gluck might star in popular NBC sitcom. Todd Gaunt will probably manage the set for it.

Dream big Class of 2014. You are only limited by your imagination.


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