WGBH Boston Comes to Sanborn To Learn About Competency Education!

Dear Parents and Guardians of Ninth Grade Students,

On Thursday, May 14th, Mallory Noe-Payne, an associate producer for WGBH Boston’s project On Campus will spend part of the school day learning about competency education at our school. Through her involvement with On Campus, Mallory reports out on trends in higher education, both in the greater Boston area and beyond. With the rise of competency education in colleges and universities today, she is hoping to use her visit at Sanborn to show how competency education is affecting college readiness at the secondary level. Our school is honored to have been selected by WGBH to be studied further.

During her visit, Ms. Noe-Payne will be observing three of our teachers in the classroom setting: Carissa Maskwa, Mark Giuliucci, and Brian Gray. She hopes to talk to both teachers and students about how competency education at Sanborn is preparing them for their post-secondary goals. She will be audio-recording parts of her classroom visits and interviews with specific teachers and students.

Much of her recordings in the classroom will be to collect background noise of classroom instruction to be used as ambient noise in the radio story, but it is also possible that Mallory will want to speak individually with specific students during her visit. If you feel uncomfortable having your child interviewed by WGBH, please take a minute to let me know by emailing me at bstack@sau17.org or calling me at (603) 642-3341.

Our school is committed to providing students with a rigorous educational program that will best prepare them for their college and career goals. We are excited to be working with WGBH to show how our work can be an effective model for colleges and universities.


Brian M. Stack, Principal


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