Recent School Board Policy Changes That Impact SRHS Students

Dear Students and Parents of Sanborn Regional High School,

This past week, the School Board approved two important policy changes that impact our students.

Dress Code and Hats

First, the School Board made one revision to its Dress Code Policy regarding hats. Previously, the policy has stated that hats were not permitted in any school building at any time. Now, the policy has been adjusted to allow hats “in the hallways, cafeteria, and other non-instructional spaces in the school.” This policy revision is a result of a student-initiated petition that was developed last year. It allows us to draw a very important distinction for our students regarding when it is and when it is not appropriate to wear a hat. Taking your hat off is a sign of respect to the people around you when you are in a professional environment such as your classroom. This policy allows us to teach this important skill to our students while recognizing that there are times and places in our building when and where it is appropriate for them to have the privilege to express themselves and dress for their social environment.  

Students, you are allowed to wear a hat in the hallways and other common areas of our school, but when you walk into a classroom or other instructional space, please remove your hat. This includes presentations, assemblies, and other non-traditional instructional programs. Thank you for your cooperation!

Drugs and “Vape Pens”

In the past two years, our school has seen an increase in the use of electronic delivery systems, more commonly referred to as “vape pens.” The School Board has recently revised their Substance Abuse Policy and Substance Abuse Policy Rules to clarify that vape pens and other forms of electronic and non-electronic delivery systems are considered drug paraphernalia, not tobacco paraphernalia. This means that if students are caught with these devices in their possession at school, they may be suspended for a period of 10 days.  

Students, regardless of what you tell us might be “in” a vape pen, they are not allowed at school. They are considered drug-related products and you will receive drug-related consequences if you have them at school. Don’t bring them to school. Even better – DON’T USE THEM!

If you have questions about these or any other School Board policies and how they are interpreted at Sanborn Regional High School, please feel free to contact me directly at Thank you for working with me, my administrative team, and my teachers and staff members to make Sanborn Regional High School a safe and supportive environment for all of our students!


  1. Thank you Mr. Stack both are a win-win situation!!


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