Career Pathways Update: Thank you to our community and business partners!

An Article By Heidi Leavitt and Kerrie Alley

The 2015-16 school year was an outstanding year in the Career Pathways Program at Sanborn Regional High School.  Twenty-five students partnered with 27 business to enhance their personalized learning experience.  Our internship students set personal learning goals, completed journal entries and presented how they achieved their goals to the faculty and staff at the end of the semester—It was truly a personalized learning environment. 

The following students and business were partners throughout this school year.

Sean Alefantis
Kingston Police Department
Katie Bibeau
Seacoast Learning Collaborative
Madison Chase
Dr. Cartrelli
Brianna Comeau
Dr. Shuman
Dylan Coombs
Kingston Fire Department
Jeff Evans
Brandon Galloway
Olivia Gasse
Memorial School—School Nurse
Tina Greenwood
Julia Lyons
Wings & Hooves
George Melvin
Bump & Grind Auto
Quentin Mooneyhan
Wicked Cars &
Ashley Nicolson
Emma Nofsker
Lincoln Property Management
Jenna Nofsker
Ravensburger & SRHS Special Education
Kelly O’Brien
Carriage Town News & SRHS
Chyane Parrillo
Vincent Potvin
Epping Police Department
Hailee Shibel
Dr. Dennison
Matt Statezni
Nici Auto
Livia Thewes
Dr. Shuman
Zach Thom
Zoo Creatures
Kia Toner
Bakie School—Grades 3 and 5
Lauren Welch
Bakie School –Guidance/SRHS Guidance
Cody Welch

The Career Pathways Program also has a career speaker program.  Throughout the year students have the opportunity to attend and reflect on many careers.  The following people took the time to share their career path story with our students.

Sherri Dude, Healthcare
Vanessa Defayette, Nurse
Krista Munsie, People’s United
Nicole Dobek, People’s United
Lynne Bartlett Merrill, REALTOR
Al Lawrence, Artisan Electrical Contractors
Captain Graham Pellerin, firefighter/EMT
Michael Lytle, Extreme Networks
Sarah  Toupin, Marine Biology
Jennifer Smith, Author
Glen Sabalewsk, Journalist
Jason Schreiber, Journalist
Chet Bowen, Health and Human services
Tony Hanna, Welding Professor
Maine College of Art
Jared Higginbotham: News videographer/editor for NH1 News
UNH Art program
Victor Pankratius, Research Scientist
Emily Greenwood, Independant Project Manager
Shannon Keyes, Senior Law Clerk
Robyn Anastas, Big Bothers Big Sisters
Chertina Woodward, Big Brothers Big Sisters
Alumni Panel-- Todd Gaunt
Jared L’Antigua
Jessica Richard
Evan Angus
Ryan Aquilina, Child and family therapist at Genesis Behavioral Health
Lauren Robbins, Vice President of Marketing
Kelley Contarino, Branch Manager
Ann Sullivan, Paul Mitchell School
Shannon Leate-Varney, Education
Wynn Young, Apprenticeship
Les Huston, Granite State Trade School
Paul Picard, UTI
Sarah Coletti, UNO Marketing
Sharon Saalfield, Court Recorder
Sgt. Jones, US Army
Les Huston, Granite State Trade School
Bob, Edward Jones Financial Group
Karen Craft, MRI Imaging and VP of Operations
CJ Malam, Field Reporter/News Anchor/DJ for WJPA-FM and the cofounder of
Evan Baitz, College Life and Plymouth State
Melissa Bishop, Speech Therapist
Wynn Young, Apprenticeship
Marcia Dolgin, Photographer
Rebecca Rose, environmental Chemist, QC Chemist, Coordinator of NECC Math Center and now a full-time math faculty at NECC.
Dan Linehan, Private Investigator
Jennifer Macleay, BBBS
Patty Stephan, Publishing
Michael Sullivan, Author and Librarian

Students have also had opportunities to participate in industry tours throughout the year.  Our students had the opportunity to visit the following businesses: Exeter Hospital, UNH Marine Biology Department, UNH Technology Department, Job Corps NH, and NH Construction Career Days.

Career Pathways Program provides our students the opportunity to:

·         Assess personal skills, abilities, aptitudes, personal strengths and weaknesses as they relate to career exploration and development.

·         Relate the importance of workplace expectations to career development.
·         Apply knowledge gained from individual assessment to a comprehensive set of goals and an individual career plan.

·          Develop strategies to make an effective transition from school to career.

·          Relate the importance of lifelong learning to career success.

If you would like to learn more about our program or become involved you may contact Kerrie Alley-Violette ( or Heidi Leavitt (


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