NECAP Science Results Released

This past week, the State of New Hampshire released the results from the NECAP Science test administration from May or 2010. Each year, grade 11 students take this test as part of a battery of NECAP tests (math, reading, and writing are done in the fall) that are used to determine if schools are making adequate yearly growth.

These latest tests confirm that Sanborn's class of 2011 made some significant gains in each of the subject areas.
Student scores are based on the following four levels:
4: Proficient with Distinction
3: Proficient
2: Slightly Below Proficient
1: Significantly Below Proficient
The following chart show how Sanborn students have done over the past three years as compared to the State on this Science test. You should note that the State stayed at 24% of students scoring proficient or above, but Sanborn improved from 17% to 32% of students proficient or above. Our Science Department has already begun studying the data to determine what changes should be made to the curriculum and instruction to further improve upon these results for next year.
Individual student scores will be mailed home later this week.


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