Shift Happens

Last night at our open house I showed the following video, entitled "Shift Happens":

This video demonstrates just how quickly our world is changing. To prepare our kids for this kind of a future we need to be able to change and adapt to meet the needs of twenty-first century learners.

The key to success as a school will be our ability to teach twenty-first century skills like: self-directed learner, community contributor, complex thinker, quality producer, effective communicator, and ethical user of technology. We have identified these to be our six school-wide expectations for learning for all students and we are embedding these skills into each of our courses and programs at SRHS.

As a new feature to our progress reports and report cards this year you will notice that each teacher will report out quarterly on these school-wide expectations for learning. These grades will replace the "effort" and "conduct" grades that have been given in the past. We hope this change will students and parents understand what they need to know and be able to do in order to succeed in our ever-changing world.


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