Classes Worth taking: Mr. Stack's recent article in the school newspaper

In just a few weeks, the Guidance Office will begin the course registration process with students for the 2012-2013 school year. With almost 150 different courses to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones to sign up for. In my article this month, I’d like to spotlight a few courses that I think are “hidden gems” at our school. These are courses that we have offered for the last few years but their course but maybe aren’t as popular. I think these would be classes worth considering, as you begin to think about what you want your schedule to look like. Here they are in no particular order:

1. The Northern Essex Community College Early College Program: As a senior, if you are planning to take Critical Analysis at the CP level next year, I hope you will consider this program. Here is how it works: During block 6 semester 1, you would be enrolled in two college courses taught by NECC professors: College Composition and the College Success Seminar. Both classes run twice a week for the entire semester, alternating days, and held at Sanborn. There are no classes on Fridays. At the end, you get six NECC credits and 2 SRHS credits. Your cost is about $300, which covers tuition, books, and Accuplacer test fees. This is by far the best deal Sanborn offers. Why not get some college classes under your belt before graduation? NECC credits transfer to most academic institutions.

2. Computer Aided Design (CAD): The CAD program uses the industry-standard Autodesk 2012 software. Students have the option to pursue interests in both architectural and mechanical design over a four course sequence. Talk to Ms. Krumm to learn more!

3. Technology/Computer courses: Look carefully at our Program of Studies this year. Mr. Adams, Ms. Jules, Mr. Wood, and Ms. Krumm have retooled the department to allow for a bunch of new and exciting technology electives designed to help prepare you for the demands of the twenty first century.

4. Elections and Current Events: Once every four years, Sanborn runs a course semester one that follows the Presidential election. This course is usually in very high demand, so it is limited to upperclassmen only. This one is worth checking out!

5. Statistics: In the world of mathematics, statistics doesn’t often get the same billing as calculus, but it really should. Most students end up taking a course in statistics at some point in their college career, but why wait until then. Did you know that you can even get college credit for Statistics by taking it at Sanborn? Talk to Ms. Hays for more information. It is a great alternative to the Precalculus or Calculus math option.

6. Photography: If you have already taken Commercial Art, Photography is a great follow-up skill. Not only will you learn how to use all the advanced features of your digital camera, you may even get to learn the art of film development. Photography is a great skill to have at any age, but it is also a great job-related skill that may help you with a wide range of career options.

7. Drama and Performance Shakespeare: “All the world’s a stage, and we are merely players” wrote Shakespeare. These classes offer students the opportunity to study literature in a more kinesthetic way, and they help students develop public speaking skills and self-confidence. As a student in high school, a drama course was one of the best things I ever took for just those reasons.

8. Creative Writing: Do you have a passion to write, and a desire to work on more polished pieces, possibly even for publication? Creating Writing is one of the “hidden gems” at Sanborn. In this course, you will have the option to work with a published author and turn your own writing into a work of art!

I could keep going, as there are many more courses I’d like to suggest to you, but I’m running out of space in this newspaper. I do hope that you will give my list some thought. Course registration is an exciting time for all Sanborn students.


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