My Speech to Graduates: June 14 2013

On behalf of the Class of 2013, I would like to welcome you, the parents and family members of our graduates, the faculty and staff of our school, the community members, alumni, and Seminary graduates, and our special guest of honor, our Governor Maggie Hassan, to the campus at Sanborn Regional High School and our graduation ceremony-the 124th for Sanborn.  My name is Brian Stack, the Principal of Sanborn Regional High School.

Tonight we celebrate the culmination of 12 years of academic achievement as we award diplomas to our students.  The Class of 2013 has experienced tremendous success in their time here, and tonight we honor them for their achievements as we help them start the next chapter of their lives.

To the Graduates of the Class of 2013:

Tonight you will officially close an important chapter in your lives. Tonight is a time to reflect on the last thirteen years of school and also to look forward to what lies ahead. Life will be what you make of it. Don’t sell yourselves too short.

Tonight, you are going to have some important people stand at this podium to offer you advice on how to approach the next chapter of your lives. Listen to what they say, because they speak from experience.

My advice to you is to continue to be a life-long learner. Be happy in the path that you choose. Not a day goes by that I don’t think to myself how much I love what I do. What inspires me most in my career is learning more about myself from you. Each of you has taught me something. How, you ask? Here are just a few ways:

Keith Sevigny please stand. You are simply amazing on the CAD software. You have saved the school district thousands of dollars with your architectural drawings for their projects. You have come a long way since freshman year. You have taught me to seek out continuous improvement.

Abby Mae Smith and Isabelle Sullivan please stand. You are simply amazing athletes, and you have taught me that there is just no substitute for practice and hard-work. It is no wonder you have both been offered full athletic scholarships to play in college.

Sarah Boisselle please stand. You have taught me how to seek out feedback from others and use it as an opportunity for continuous improvement.

Robyn Hills and Libby Pettit please stand. You are both heavily involved in community service projects, and there is no doubt you have each taught me about the power of giving back and helping others.

Jordon Johnson and Connor Lyons please stand. In your high school careers, you each experienced an athletic injury that was followed by a long road to recovery. That road was not always easy, but you both persevered. You taught me that when the going gets rough I should never lose hope and to stay focused on my goal.

Tasha Frappier and Chuck Ross please stand. In your lives you have been faced with people who have tried to tell you that you couldn’t do something. These people only inspired you both to work harder, to overcome all odds, and to prove them wrong. Thank you for teaching me what grit and determination is all about.

Cara Crouse and Mary Lambert please stand. Cara as a sophomore in high school you published your first novel “Adrenaline.” Mary, you just completed your first semester of college at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio. You have both taught me that age should never be a deterrent. No goal is too lofty and I can always strive for something bigger.

Mrs. Sandy Miles please stand and join me on stage. Mrs. Miles, for forty two years your identity has been as an English teacher for Sanborn Regional High School. You have inspired generations of students and you have taught me the true meaning of loyalty and professionalism. Thank you for teaching all of us to be life-long learners.

I could go on, but I think you all get the point. I earn from all of you, and I can only hope that as you move on to the next chapter of your lives you will continue to learn from the people around you as well.

I am proud of each and every one of you.


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