Information about the Post Prom Party 2012

The After-Prom Party will be held at the High School from Midnight until
5:00am. There is no cost to the student or the school for anything for the
After-Prom Party.

The After-Prom Party will be Beach Theme, casual dress. We will have a rack
for the kids to hang their tux and gowns (although we cannot take
responsibility for the outfits as we do not have the adult man-power to have
a 'coat-room'). The kids can bring a bag w/ change of clothes with them to
school, bags can be dropped off at the front office (their bags will be
searched at that time to ensure safety at After-Prom Party). Ensure bag is
clearly marked with the student's name.

It is a substance-free, adult supervised event. We will have a bonfire at
Midnight (with Kingston Fire Dept at fireside), we will serve donated pizza
& Mini-Moe's sandwiches, soda/water.

Then at 1:00 am they will enter the High School, once they enter high school
all bags are searched by Kingston Police Dept /School Board Member then the
student will sign in and must stay at party until 5am (if the student wants
to leave the party then a parent/guardian must come to the HS and sign out
the student(s) and take full responsibility for the departing student).
Students that have the appearance of being "under the influence", as
determined by the police officers, will not be allowed entrance into the
After-Prom Party.

The After-Prom Party Planning Committee have been raising funds to have the
following entertainment (and with the generous donations from local
businesses and parents - please see sponsor board at the High School):

A DJ will play starting after bonfire, to keep the dancing going... if
students want the DJ will also have some interactive games.

A Photo Booth (with box of props for some silly fun) with unlimited usage.

2 giant inflatables (an obstacle course w/basketball hoop & a 'moon walk'
bounce house).

ping pong, basketball, volleyball w/beach ball, movies in auditorium for
those that want to relax, raffles (for all attendees) throughout the party.
If weather warm enough the students will be allowed out on the patio off the
cafe (so long as we have enough adult supervision).

Working toward having a "boardwalk" type thing with different food places,
popcorn / soft pretzels / cotton candy / fudge, going along the "walk"
{although we don't have this stuff purchased yet}.

Ice Cream Social about 2:30am.

at 4:00am Party will end with a continental breakfast and the Grand Prize
will be drawn. Grand Prize is the cost of 2 prom tickets and 2 coach bus
tickets refunded to student ($150.00). Only the Junior/Senior students will
receive a ticket for the Grand Prize.

The kids will be able to leave/be picked up without being signed out at

If you would like to donate toward the After-Prom Party, you can send a
check to the school (mail or student can drop off at front office if want).
Write check payable "Class of 2013/SRHS" and in memo line write 'After-Prom

If a parent would like to volunteer to chaperone / help set-up / help serve
breakfast / or clean up at the After-Prom Party please let me know.

What we really need help with is chaperoning at the party and it can be done
in shifts for a couple hours per shift. Your child does not have to worry
about you "hanging around" them because there are so many things to do that
we chaperones will be working all over the party area (two years ago my
daughter had to come find me if she want to see me - and she did!) - no one
"follows" the students around during the party.

If you have any questions contact me (see below):

Thanks, Theresa

After-Prom Party Planning Committee - 2012 Prom
for the Sanborn Regional High School
(603) 702-0011


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